COVID Fogging Services

Comprehensive Protection

Whether you own a salon, a shop, a holiday let, or a gym, we’re here to take care of any hygiene concerns for you and leave your business clinically clean with our amazing ULV 50 Antiviral Fogging Machines.

Our fogging services guarantee that all surfaces and hand contact areas are decontaminated – eliminating viruses and bacteria – including COVID. The fogging service is supplemented with a disinfectant called ‘Viruscide Premium’ for comprehensive protection. This product is chlorine and alcohol-free with no corrosive effects, making it safe to use in all business premise types, including food preparation areas. What’s more, it’s biodegradable and residue free!

We would strongly recommend a deep clean before a COVID Fogging application.

Why Use Our Fogging Services?

  • A cost-effective alternative to traditional cleaning methods.
  • Using amazing ULV 50 Antiviral Fogging machines.
  • A quick solution which causes minimal disruption to your business.
  • Gives peace of mind to your employees, your customers and anyone else visiting your workplace.
  • A safe cleaning method for use in all businesses, including food preparation areas.

Spiff + Spruce – for cleaner than you’ve ever seen!

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Cleaner than you've ever seen

We don’t leave your premises until every last speck of dust is gone!